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In the midst of Aravalli hills spread out on a sprawling 22 acres campus DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL stands out as a masterpiece architecture exhibiting a blend of modern and traditional style. The campus with an attractive, uniquely designed building incorporating all advanced facilities and amenities.

It has natural lush green surroundings with landscaped beautiful gardens and water bodies to provide a conducive environment for the healthy growth of its students. The building is designed ergonomically to suit children's need for space, light and ventilation in each classroom. Broad staircases, extra wide corridors and spacious classrooms are the prominent features of the building which make it safe and easy to access. Adequate toilets, drinking water facility ( having reverse osmosis water treatment plant with refrigeration ) on every floor ensures that our children get to their classes faster.

Language Lab

Language Lab hones and enhances the language capabilities of our students as acquiring a new language involves innovative methods and apt technical support. Science Park is a perfect blend of learning while having fun; children can play here while learning about mathematical formulas and science. Education is only complete when children are able to practically apply their theoretical knowledge; this purpose is best served with the help of Robotics Lab.

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Libraries are an absolute delight for the book lovers and intellectuals. It serves as a pilgrimage for the worshippers of knowledge and wisdom. We understand the importance of creating inspired poets, writers and future academicians. Thus, we have a curated collection of encyclopedias, short stories, novels and magazines so that our students are always updated.

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Unlike the traditional auditoriums, Amphitheatre of our school not just brings everyone together to address several events and talents but also creates several memories down the lane. The open space perfectly serves the purpose of entertainment along with providing an immaculate visual experience.

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The 21st century is very much technology-driven. So,learners are introduced to the basics of Robotics and programming languages from an early age, which can stimulate their mind with creativity and satisfy their curiosity. So it becomes easier for them to understand the intricacies and capabilities of robots.

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Science Laboratory

Science(Physics/ chemistry/biology) labs Effective teaching and learning of science involves a perpetual state of show and tell. Classroom teaching combined with laboratory experiments ensures that the students grasp each and every concept thoroughly. Laboratory teaching and experiments helps in deep understanding among children and to retain the knowledge for longer when they see the experiments being performed in front of their eyes.

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Computer Labs

Good and practical computer lab makes students interested and enthusiastic about technology and science. Modern and updated computer lab with Internet access at school helps students give wings to their imagination.

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10 Metre Rifle Shooting Range

10 meter air rifle with 8 targets and 10 pistol shooting with 8 targets. it is one of its kind range and DPS is the proud owner of it. in no time it has grabbed attention of all nearby schools and as good as 50 studetns are taking training under a specialized coach. Recently the school had hosted The DPS National Shooting Championship. Following are some of the achievements in the field of Rifle shooting.

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One of the most popular sport in the school. The students from classes 1-10 are all engaged in this as regular school activity. The school has a Olympic size pool, equipped with locker facility, changing room, separate shower area with all safety-norms taken under consideration with great precision.


The list of achievement in swimming is quite long : 11 state level participations, 3 National (SGFI) and 2 National open participation.

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Lawn Tennis

With tennis court of size 78 ft. 36 ft. the school has around 20 students practicing for the game under a trained coach. The school has produced some of the National Level players in recent past.

The achievement in this game are 4 selections at state level competitions.

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The School has a cemented basketball court of 28 x 15 metre size. Apart from a solid school team in the category of boys and Girls, there are 50 children who come to learn the game under a specialized coach in the evening sports classes.

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Science Park

Open air Science park which includes gadgets all meant for play way learning of Science, is an innovative concept of teaching science in an informal way. It facilitates the children to mingle with science in a play way manner.

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Music/ Dance Rooms

To bring out the creative best in its students the school has made extra curricular activities an integral part of the school curriculum.The well-equipped Music/dance/ art room along with experience of distinguished faculty provide

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Personality Development Labs

This helps the students and teachers to have first hand information of what makes a good personality. Here various actions are initiated for the development of an organised pattern of behaviour, attitude, character, traits, habits, etiquettes and manners that will make a person unique and distinctive

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An infirmary with dedicated space and staff is also an integral part of school infrastructure. A clinic room with three beds where students can rest or recover when they need medical attention.

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Children are crazy for football. The school has 90 X 45 metres, each two football fields. Almost 60 students are getting the training for the game under a specialized coach in the evening sports classes.

DPS Udaipur is proud to announce the selection of Palash Barbar, student of class XII for the National Camp of selection for the Indian Football Team….. Some of the accolades achieved in football are 2 National level selections at SGFI and 5 state level selections.

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The school has 3 pitches fo the cricket lovers. 2 for matches and 1 cemented. The cricket ground has 65 yards boundary. Around 60 studetns are taking training under a specialized coach after school hours to lean the game.

Apart from various school level competition whether it is CBSE or inter DPS the school cricket ground is a regular venue for SAATH- SAATH. National level cricket matches between the teams of Rajasthan. Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat, organized by Wonder Cement in every 2 years. We were proud to has Kapil Dev, Former captain Indian Cricket Team as the quest of honor in the year 2017.

The list of achievement in cricket at school level is 3 selections in national level challenger trophy and 7 state level selections.

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Horse Riding

Another favorite sport undertaken by all students of classes 1-10 as regular school activity. With a trained jockey with 5 horse children look for these classes eagerly…

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The 2 football fields are marked and used for training of various athletic events. We have a specialized coach to train children. Near about 30 students are under training.

The notable achievement of school in this field are: 4 state level selection in the same.

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We have a special room where we can accommodate around 10 tables. Apart from the inter-house events, some children undertake individual training to take part in various events.

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Aerobics is a form of physical exercise that combines rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training routines with the goal of improving all elements of fitness. Formal aerobics classes are conducted at different levels of intensity and complexity.

Here is the list of achievements 15 National level aerobics participants, 3 state level and 1 national level selection in gymnastics.

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To deliver the promise of a good physical education and sports program that covered all aspects of growth of children the school provides its children with Edusports program to learn the right sports-specific skills at the right age. Hence, Edusports as an idea of delivering a holistic education through sports by completely integrating into the school’s system.

EduSports completely integrates its program into the school’s curriculum. The Edusports curriculum is designed based on NASPE (National Association for Sports and Physical Education, USA) standards.

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Near about 125 children have taken up this sport. They start at a tender age so to pursue this game further. Under a trained trainer they learn the techniques and horn their skills.

Producing a national star like Jiya Kanwar… the school also boast of its achievements in this sport at various other level with 5 National Level participations.

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Many children love to take a training in self-defense and hence at a very tender age pick up this sport. Presently as good as 20 young children are learning this under a specialize coach.

Some of the praise worthy achievement in this sport are 2 national winner. 5 state level and 11 district level winner.

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Multi Sports Culture

As is rightly said “Sports do not build character. They reveal it”. It is indeed important for the students to remain engaged in some sport activities as it helps them gain both mental and physical strength. And we at DPS lay emphasis on the overall growth of the students – their physical and intellectual development. Hence, we provide ample opportunities for our students to build good habits, confidence and discipline through various kinds of sports activities. They are taught how to aim for a goal, learn from their mistakes and cherish the growth opportunities.

The lush spacious open grounds make horse riding, cricket and football more fun. The swimming pool helps them beat the heat and keep the body fit along with a little fun and enjoyment. The Indoor shooting range help the young shooters gain more focus with minimal disturbance.

  • Rifle Shooting Range
  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Skating
  • Horse Riding
  • Basketball
  • Badminton/ Tennis Court