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Pre Primary

On behalf of Delhi Public School Udaipur, welcome to the world of tiny-tots. Pre Primary education can be defined as “a set of knowledge along with skills and experience as well as behavioral rules which provide the essentials akin to cognitive, social, expressive and interacting skills for coping successfully in everyday life and at school”. Motherly care of our teachers makes students feel very comfortable to express their problems. To afford the holistic development of the kids counting with a variety of maturity and knowledge in a child like considerable, emotional, exciting, mental, ethical, fine motor, gross motor, verbal communication, education, admiring, response etc. with other individuality are build up at this phase.

At the initial level, we provide a multi dimensional curriculum which is loaded with numerous co curricular activities that provide a strong base for the holistic development of the little ones. Personalized attention strengthens the student teacher relationship which is very important for proper academic growth. The recent inclusion of 'Jolly Phonics'- a U.K based teaching learning pattern for better linguistic skills.

DPS Udaipur

Primary Section

Primary education is the initial stage of education and has its basic aim to create, establish and offer opportunities to all children to achieve a balanced cognitive, emotional and psychomotor development. A basic responsibility of Primary Section is to help pupils become acquainted with their civilization and tradition, to develop respect and love for their national heritage and to become aware of their national identity, DPS, Udaipur is special. We support student and bring energy and excitement to our roles. We value curiosity and believe that it drives learning. Curiosity flourishes in our positive school learning culture and supportive classroom climate. At this level, new subjects are introduced, the curriculum becomes more board based associated with activities to develop an approach of learning by doing. This develops a better understanding of concepts and a willingness in a child to learn.

DPS Udaipur

Middle School

Middle School education programme collaboratively prepare students to succeed in growth and development, so that they are grounded in goals of formulating inclusive, responsible, enthusiastic, caring, confident and ethical. The purpose is to train students to be become increasingly independent and responsible. We guide them to start taking ownership of their own education. This includes an emphasis on the following core attributes of middle grades education.

  1. An understanding of development of adolescents’ cognitive, social, moral, physical and psychological characteristics.
  2. We give students remedial help. Students below grade level in any subject can spend time. We focus on each and every student vis a vis their learning capacity and help them so that no student is left behind.
  3. The method and coherent approach ignites the young minds of DIPSITES to be inquisitive logical thinkers who can re-consider, imagine and re-invent new ways of learning.
DPS Udaipur

Secondary School

Secondary education plays a fundamental role in mentoring students mind. At this level, we prepare our DIPSITES to gaze at all subject holistically and prepare them for selecting streams for their future career. DPS, Udaipur provides best infrastructure with highly qualified and experienced teachers that makes difference in students’ learning outcome. The teaching - learning process, classroom discussion and implementation in secondary classrooms have been the key that has bought in academic excellence to the student’s existence and has enlightened our organization with countless merits. We are proud to have every year group of toppers.

DPS Udaipur

Senior Secondary

In DPS, Udaipur students learn to work hard enhance leadership skills, advance themselves in critical thinking, build up determination to achieve important goals in life and sustain good habits. Students discover a level of respect and dedication from school that results in success. Teachers in campus help students to focus upon the journey of set vision. They assign their resources and time efficiently to motivate the students regularly. Student improves performance by ensuring to be accountable for their own success, propelling themselves forward through a selection of small achievements designed to break down a larger purpose in life. Teachers offer constant reminder of what that student wants to accomplish in their streams as career. High Secondary curriculum here even fuels ambition and develops confidence in students by encouraging determination through tough times and offer a sense of pride when they finally succeed in their ambition.DPS Udaipur hold innumerable achievers. Our students have upheld themselves as progressive citizens, across the globe.


Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science, Physical Education, Economics, English, Informatics Practises, Pshycology, Entrepreneurship, Painting.


Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Physical Education, Informatics Practices, English, Maths, Entrepreneurship, Painting.


English, Political Science, Geography, Economics, Psychology, History, Physical Education, Mathematics, Painting, Entrepreneurship.

DPS Udaipur